determination course

photosynthetic euglenoids │ taxonomy │ colourless euglenoids │ ecology │ lectures

The course will take place from 2nd August to 6th August 2021

Five-days course focused on determination of freshwater representatives of photosynthetic and colourless euglenoids especially from the European region together with common ubiquitous species. The course will consist of theoretical lectures focused on modern taxonomy based on molecular-morphological data (polyphasic approach) together with ecological and biomonitoring connotations, theory will be complemented by practical microscopic sessions. It is possible for the participants to bring their own samples or microphotographs of the species for identification. The course will contain a one-day excursion with sampling.


organizational information


  • Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Branišovská 1760, 370 05 České Budějovice (48°58'37.372"N, 14°26'46.379"E)

  • Lectures and microscopy sessions will be held in a modern equipped laboratory.

  • Coffee breaks will be provided during the day.

  • Maximum of participants is limited to 11.

  • Course language is English


  • Please wait with the payment till 1st May. We will provide updated payment instructions during last week of April.

  • Early payment (before 1st June) - students 6000 CZK │ researchers and others 10000 CZK

  • Standard payment (before 5th July) - students 10000 CZK │ researchers and others 13000 CZK

  • Fee includes course materials, coffee breaks, social events (welcome and farewell party) and excursion.

Pricing & payment

  • We quote all prices in the local currency (Czech crown, CZK). Actual exchange rates can be found at the page of the Czech National Bank.

  • We prefer your payment to be done via bank transfer. If you want to make your payment by credit card, please contact us in advance.

  • Cancellation - If you decide to cancel your participation in the course, we will return 90 % of the amount paid. We cannot return any money to you if you cancel after 10th July 2020.


course program

Course schedule

  • Monday

    • Registration 8:30 - 9:00 News in the taxonomy of euglenoids, characteristic determination features │ Photosynthetic genera I. (Colacium, Cryptoglena, Euglena, Euglenaria, Euglenaformis, Lepocinclis) - theory and microscopy session │ Welcome party

  • Tuesday

    • Photosynthetic genera II. (Monomorphina, Phacus, Strombomonas and Trachelomonas) - theory and microscopy session

  • Wednesday

    • Sampling trip to Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area and surrounding areas

  • Thursday

    • Colourless genera (ubiquite representatives of the genera Anisonema, Astasia, Calycimonas, Cyclidiopsis, Entosiphon, Heteronema, Menoidium, Notosolenus, Peranema, Petalomonas, Rhabdomonas, Sphenomonas, Teloprocta, Urceolus) - theory and microscopy session │ Farewell party

  • Friday

    • Microscopy session and consultation (own samples, photos etc.)

Sampling trip & excursion

  • Microbrewery Jílovice

  • National nature reserve Červené blato peat-bog

  • Třeboň chateau

  • Sampling of selected habitats during the excursion (e.g. Xerr pond and sourrounding peat-bog habitats)


  • Małgorzata Poniewozik

  • Josef Juráň

  • Jaroslav Kubín

Organization Committee

  • Feel free to contact us at with your questions.