determination course

photosynthetic euglenoids │ taxonomy │ colourless euglenoids │ ecology │ lectures 

 Determination course of euglenoids is going to take place in year 2024  live in České Budějovice.


Five-days course focused on the determination of freshwater representatives of photosynthetic and colourless euglenoids especially from the European region together with common ubiquitous species. The course will consist of theoretical lectures focused on modern taxonomy based on the molecular-morphological data (polyphasic approach) together with ecological and biomonitoring connotations. Theory will be complemented by practical microscopy sessions. It is possible for the participants to bring their own samples or microphotographs of the species for identification. The course will contain a one-day excursion with sampling.

References of participants

"Well done and very complete. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot! Thanks."

"The course was very well organised and performed."

"The presentations were amazing! All comments were very helpful and I have learned to distinguish new traits."

"...thank you so much for this course! It was really educative and absolutely well prepared! Please, don't stop providing this kind of courses..."

"Thank you very much for the great course.  The documentation and the lectures were great. And I gained a lot of informations in this topic."

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